Scum and Villainy - Session 4: Play Report

a crude painting of a ship docking with a satellite
The ship docking with the Yaru satellite. Tech support is on the way

Players: Annette, Izzara, Doc
Faction Clocks: Yaru "???" 3/8; Starless Veil "???" 2/8; Borniko "Locate Ara-Ini" 2/8.

What happened last time: The gang pursued a job from their newly met Starless Veil contact on Amerath (Uyen Al'vorron). They were trying to lay low after becoming wanted for some complications on Warren. The gang broke into "AAH Diversified Medical" in order to capture a research scientist named Bal Yn. Using one of Izzara's friends, Ivanov, to gain access to the facility they discovered that this lab was producing an army of clones created by the Yaru. The gang eventually captured Bal Yn, but they created quite the scene, shutting down the facility for the forseeable future. The crew left Ivanov behind, but gained a new friend and ally: Dr. Turnip, a clone who helped Annette and Doc escape.

Before the session begins, a bit of NPC downtime:

A lightbulb swings ominously from a ceiling in a dark basement in an unknown location. A man is sitting in a chair, and he's bleeding out. "Tell me more about what you know," a gruff voice says from the dark. The man lifts his head. It's Ivanov. "I told you... *cough* *wheeze* I told you everything..." The shadow slaps Ivanov. "No you haven't!" 

Licensed4Less.Biz had been laying low in Amerath since their last job. After sneaking back to rendezvous with Uyen at Legend, the crew took a much needed break. Dr. Turnip formally joined the gang, seeing as he couldn't go back to the Yaru labs or - as he says - he'd be "recycled," and everyone else tried to blow off some steam.

Either the weight of leaving Ivanov behind or the threat of the loose end loomed over the crew. After getting their bearings, the crew decided getting him back from the Yaru is their most pressing task. Fortunately, Dr. Turnip knows a bit about how they operate, and a plan was formulated. The Yaru use a satellite to communicate across worlds, so the crew would go do some "routine maintenance."

After docking on the satellite, Annette began working on hacking the terminal using the stolen credentials that Izzara swiped from Tarkin's desk. Unfortunately, Izzara wasn't 100% sure on the password, but with some lucky guessing they worked on the first try. With direct access to the admin terminal, the crew was just about to free Ivanov. Unfortunately, before any changes could be submitted through the console, a biometric authentication needed to be cleared.

The good doctor was able to 3D print a replica for Tarkin's eye using some of the medical records that Annette had swiped while they were in the Yaru facility's system. The eye, however, wasn't strong enough. Once Doc placed the printed eye close to the sensor, the heat from the laser beam began to melt the eye into a goop and Greeg lost his lunch. With the scan having failed, the satellite's virtual assistant immediately connected our team to a friendly and helpful technical support agent named Gurney, who tried to troubleshoot the problem and promised that in-person help would soon be on the way.

After some clever negotiations, Gurney gave the crew a code to reset the biometric scan. Quickly, Doc conjured up a blood sample to authenticate using Tarkin's genetic sequence. Just as the on-board system accepted the new DNA, two things happened simultaneously: the terminal screen flashed and a photo of the crew was uploaded to an unknown location, and the tech support arrived on site.

Fortunately, the technician Rocco was easily convinced by the Doc that he was Tarkin himself. After a stern lecture and an inadvertent mishap with a rogue data cable and the ship's grappling hook (which resulted in Izzara doing a space walk), the crew gained access to the Yaru database.

It appeared that Ivanov had been moved to Lithios, and he was being interrogated for more details about suspected ties to the Starless Veil. The file made note of interference with "Operation Acension."

With Tarkin's thumbprint, the crew was able to mark Ivanov as "released," and they sent him back to Amerath. 

Faction Clocks: Yaru "???" 4/8; Starless Veil "???" 5/8; Borniko "Locate Ara-Ini" 3/8.