Games that I’ve been working on can be found at the links below:

Thum’s Harvest

Thum’s Harvest is a pamphlet adventure about a high-society restaurant that harbors a terrible secret. You can fit this entry-level module into your existing game or run it as a one-shot adventure. Creature stats are built for Knave but could be easily adapted to almost any system.

The Estate of Baron Archambaud, an Ingrate

The Ingrate is a self-contained single player adventure game in which players must make their way through a labyrinthine country manor and recover a personal affect that Baron Archambaud has taken. The game requires players to build the estate using a deck of standard playing cards and roll dice to resolve conflicts. The game book includes the rules for how to play; six different characters to accommodate a variety of playstyles; 52 card entries with encounters, puzzles, items, and clues; and a character sheet and quick reference guide.


Sidelines is a game where you and a group of friends work cooperatively to help your team win the state funsball championship. You aren’t going to score any tunchdowns. You aren’t going to sackle anyone. But you are going to make sure that winning is possible for your team. You will be doing it from the Sidelines. Submission for the 2019 Mega RPG Jam.