Lord Bullington

Lord Bullington shooting a pistol
Lord Bullington shoots his pistol in a duel

I watched Barry Lyndon over the holiday break, and I thought painting this scene would be a challenge as I continue to learn digital painting tools. The light is pretty difficult to capture here.

I hadn't seen this movie before, and I thought it was really well done and deserving of its reputation. I'm not a reviewer or a critic, but I did have some thoughts about it.

I found myself really liking the first part more than the second of this movie. That's not to say that the second part was bad - I just loved the story leading up to him becoming "Barry Lyndon." The sets, costumes, and cinematography are so exceptional here that is almost distracting. It could easily coast on this alone, but it doesn't. This movie is a slow burn, and yet I felt that the slower pace of the plotting led to some incredibly tense moments that really sit with you.