Ultraviolet Grasslands (UVG) and Troika! Play Report – Session 0.5

I’ve been fascinated by UVG ever since I downloaded the free PDF version and skimmed through it, and I’ve run a few Troika! games for an odd number of different players/group compositions to seemingly great success. After seeing a number of people online suggest this combination, I figured, why not give it a shot? I haven’t DMed a campaign in a very long time, and our regular DND 5e group had just ended a long (almost 2 year) campaign.

Below is a loose recollection of the session 0.5.

Session 0.5 – The Setup

  • Players were given the option to choose a Troika background from any source.
    • I brought the Numinous Edition (33 backgrounds) and the Aetherway (33 more backgrounds)
    • One player picked a Black Cat from Aetherway (C)
    • One player picked The Fellowship of Knidos from the Numinous Edition (K)
    • One player picked the Lansquenet from the Numinous Edition (L)
  • They began play in the office of the Gurnspeth, a Provost of the Academy of Doors
    • They’d been selected as part of an expedition party to seek artifacts from the Ultraviolet Grasslands
    • Their prime objective was to reach a place called “The Last Serai” and learn the sources of the Porcelain Prince’s power
    • They could meet with a diesel dwarf by the name of Dunlei at a dive bar called “Al Flogan” in the Violet City who would help them get outfitted
    • Gurnspeth opened a door, handed them $2000 and sent them on their way
  • Welcome to the UVG!
    • Immediately they were dumped into the Violet Lands – about a day outside of the Violet City. Decided to make the trudge.
    • They encountered four humans carrying a litter in the direction of the city.
      • C decided the best approach was to jump on the back of the litter to hitch a ride
      • Took a tumble and missed, ripping a hole and revealing a Cat Lord
        • The cat telepathically communicated with C, and was surprised that neither K nor L was a thrall
      • After some negotiation and explanation, they provided some help in guiding them to the city
    • K and L were interested in finding a book about Mathmology and Astrology
      • Found an old dusty book store owned by a crotetchy shop keep
      • K found a book on Numerology
      • L found a book on Astrology
        • C tried to steal the book for L, got in a cat fight with the crotchety owner, but managed to escape
    • Downtime Activity
      • Group decided to do a downtime activity before meeting Dunlei and part with the money they got from the University
      • K and L went Carousing
        • K gained a reputation as a great dancer
        • L gained an extra nose… somehow
      • C decided try some drugs and got addicted to Cat’s Snip
    • The group decided that it was time to find Dunlei
      • On the way, they found a crowd of people in the streets and a stranger approached and asked them if they were interested in placing a bet
        • K decided to bet money without knowing what it was (because her numerology tables told her this was a good decision)
        • She placed a bet on the sewer rat and managed to win
      • Found their way to Al Flogan and met up with Dunlei, where we ended our session.


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