New Frisco – Common Knowledge

  • Settled over 600 years ago as a small river town
  • 250 years ago became a wealthy, and independent city state through trade
  • 100 years ago the city was take over by the Monarch Gustavo Kastobar II and became part of the Kingdom of Pategia
    •  Adopted the Pategian Calendar
  • 30 years ago became a cosmopolitan and cultural capital of the region
    • Parliament is established and the monarchy becomes a figure-head position
  • 10 years ago a wizard applied his wizarding magic to create an self-spinning textile machine and became immensely wealthy
    • Wizards flocked to New Frisco to try and replicate the success with their own industrial innovations
  • 5 years ago an ancient tome called “Arcana Magikcana” by C. Sasaprass gained a renewed popularity among magic users as an explanation of the theory of magic
    • This has caused a lot fractious divides among the wizarding community
  • 3 years ago there was an attempted coup and some civil unrest due to the growing inequality in the city
    • Weapons now require a permit
  • 2 years ago a great fire destroyed the Auld Grey Cathedral
  • 1 year ago the city began to crackdown on illicit magic
    • Forbidden types of magic are no longer acceptable
    • Magic weapons require a permit
    • Interfering with someone else’s magic (AKA anti-magic) outside of personal defense is forbidden

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